2013-05-09 10:37:48 by IAmWhatUFear

I was featured on DrawWithJazza's Youtube channel! So awesome!
The art featured was Anthro Arcanine

Here is the episode Artist Showcase #6

Go show Jazza some love! He does awesome tutorials and is just a rad artist.

Yeah, It has been years since I have attempted to create any Flash animations. I am keen to start up again, nothing big, mostly one off type things.

I have a few animated clips, but nothing more than tests and me playing around with rigs and audio.

Would any one like to see? If you do check out my DeviantART gallery >>>
/// WARNING /// they may include My Little Pony content and compete non-sense.

So that's pretty much it ^^



2013-04-03 00:24:01 by IAmWhatUFear

Short and sweet.

I'm back BABY!

Stay tuned cause there is a whole lot more where that came from.
Thank you everyone who has checked out my art so far!